Chris Lange Art


Chris Lange

b. 1948, San Diego County, California

Chris Lange

Chris grew up in the then rural area of San Diego County, spending much of her childhood learning about nature. Her parents had a love of the outdoors and took annual vacations to the western National Parks. There she and her siblings learned about nature, and became avid bird watchers, nature photographers, and animal enthusiasts.

At the age of 5, she joined her sisters painting lessons with a local artist. She started with watercolors, and at 6, won an honorable mention for her depiction of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket at the Del Mar Children’s Art Competition. Her favorite subjects were forests and landscapes where she could recall her summer vacation experiences. She continued to take summer art lessons, and at 10 won first place for her lake and forest scene.

Horses have always been an interest for her as she grew up in an equestrian area, but it was not until her daughter expressed an interest in 1987, that she began to ride. Since that time, she has studied Western, English Hunter/Jumper, and Dressage disciplines, gaining an understanding of the horses’ movements. In 2007, she began actively painting again. She began incorporating horses into her landscape paintings when her trainer requested a painting of horses in an Irish Castle.

Since then, she continues to depict horses in her paintings along with expanding her landscapes to the Ireland Countryside and buildings.

View Samples of Chris Lange Art

Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of Roses 11” x 14” Oil on Canvas

The Lost is Found

The Lost is Found 16” x 20” Charcoal on Heavy Paper

Chris works primarily in oils on archival canvas. Landscapes and horses are her artistic focus along with Irish and American brick buildings.

Artist's Statement

“I have always had an interest in nature and capturing the dynamic play of light in the western landscapes and sparkling off water along the Pacific Ocean. My love affair with the horse, has led me to capture their essence in their distinctive movements, and unique faces. Painting has always taken me away from the craziness of life to a serene harmony of nature.”